abrupt là gì

However, some transitions are more abrupt, and therefore usually faster.

The polar opposite situation is one in which the transition follows a more abrupt break with the authoritarian order.

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The change from body toàn thân tegument đồ sộ nephridiopore tegument was clearly not an abrupt, but rather a gradual process (fig. 5).

Early morning water-ice clouds, which evaporated when the temperature rose, were detected in the lower atmosphere, as well as abrupt temperature fluctuations.

An abrupt increase in lattice compression indicates that a shock wave is generated by the pump laser irradiation.

The authors then demonstrated18 the application of the non-linear learning technique đồ sộ detect abrupt failures in robotic systems with modeling uncertainties.

One narrative section centres on a particular character and is then continued by the abrupt introduction of more characters.

The circulatory changes that result in functional closure of the foramen are sudden and abrupt, occurring within the first few minutes after birth.

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A thin conglomerate and abrupt facies change between the members mark this tương tác.

Subsequent abrupt deepening led đồ sộ deposition of a thick thâm shale unit, turbidite deposits and large-scale submarine channel-fill deposits.

Often, there is a gradational transition in luminescence from weak đồ sộ stronger, followed by an abrupt return đồ sộ weak luminescence.

The plants need đồ sộ shed their leaves in response đồ sộ abrupt environmental change.

Not only was the formal apparatus radically new, but there was an even more abrupt break with the traditional principles of fundamental physics.

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Though multiple states could be achieved, transitions were abrupt and predictable.

As might be expected, these forces decrease as the temperature falls, with abrupt changes occurring at phase transitions.

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