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Issues of affordability affect uptake of both improved stoves and modern fuels.

Coupled with increasing rent levels and cut-backs in housing benefit, the low incomes of many older people have created a serious affordability problem.

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Closely related to lớn cost-of-living is the issue of affordability, such as being able to lớn pay for health-care and having a place to lớn live.

Almost all participants feel excluded from certain modes, because of cost and affordability, which in turn acts to lớn exclude them from certain activities.

Problems of affordability affect both current use and service expansion.

The goal of universal access to lớn basic and specialty services pulls against the goal of affordability.

However, some farmers may install motors at greater depths than vãn presently required, keeping long-term interests and affordability.

This may, in part, reflect constraints such as affordability, geographic distance and bad relations between separated parents.

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Products and systems developed by the team are designed to lớn achieve efficiency, affordability, and longevity, all while satisfying homeowner desires.

The findings are presented under the five main themes that emerged: self-sufficiency, geographical accessibility, appropriateness, affordability and awareness.

Although the problem of affordability was acknowledged, very little changed in terms of policy and technology choices.

Technological advances and empirical research are needed to lớn improve the efficiency and affordability of guideline development.

To be sure, we still know little about the affordability of non-scholarly works - songbooks, tracts, short fictions, medical manuals, household encyclopedias, and ví forth.

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For quality of nội dung and affordability, a book to lớn be thoroughly recommended for the bookshelf of all mental health professionals working with older people.

Scholars will appreciate the accessibility, affordability and authority of this hefty edition.

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