afterthought là gì

In a collection of essays that is otherwise excellent in making links between theoretical and practical observations, this afterthought is a constant haunting presence.

The policy is neither an afterthought nor an expensive irrelevance, but the manifestation of the unique place of agriculture in the psyche of industrial societies.

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Finally, one amino acid looks lượt thích an afterthought : the pathway lớn histidine is an extension of nucleotide synthesis and takes 26 steps in all.

The weakest section of the book is that addressing educational issues, which seems lớn have been included as an afterthought.

Often the appeal lớn national pride was too successful, with scientific objects obscured or reduced lớn an afterthought.

Now the pretentious sentences and the qualifying afterthoughts, all that hedging with provisos so sánh typical of science talk - all that was now superfluous.

Materialisation is not an afterthought but part of the concept.

Political considerations and the availability of funds drive many newly commissioned services, and their evaluation is frequently an afterthought.

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Unfortunately, the concluding chapter on the role of advertising suffers by comparison and has the feeling of being an afterthought.

A since-clause might be postposed, almost as an afterthought, in case the speaker seeks lớn justify, post hoc, the nội dung of the main clause.

Almost as an afterthought he notes that the pronoun what does it too.

These treatments appear lớn be afterthoughts with no real bearing on the issue.

It introduced economic motives only as an afterthought.

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The instrument is deliberately out of place amongst the predominant wind, and its series of musical afterthoughts only heightens this feeling.

As an afterthought, they may also enhance normal abilities.

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