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There will be ambiguous situations in which learning should not be permitted.

Overlapping receptive fields with different spatial-frequency sensitivities may be essential for "normalizing" ambiguous ganglion cell responses across luminance change.

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Innovations in agriculture tend lớn promote deforestation, although in the case of land-augmenting technical change this result is ambiguous.

Many tasks involve sensory information that is ambiguous, and other sources of information may be required for adequate perception.

Of course, ultimately, the evidence of the actual physical enforcement of the oath is ambiguous.

Hence, we decided lớn categorize all instances of extra vowels at the kết thúc of a noun as ambiguous.

Second, although complex, there is nothing really metrically ambiguous about this section.

Nevertheless, the criteria used lớn define specificity are somewhat ambiguous because there is no clear crossover between ' specific ' and ' non-specific ' binding.

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The feedback from the reviewers led lớn reformulation of ambiguous items and removal of overlapping and value-laden items.

Their status in these texts is therefore ambiguous, with both morphological and phonological factors restricting their use.

Can we deduce from it that inherently ambiguous stimuli always get resolved one way or the other?

That his written statements about the bridge produce an image at once ' ' complex ' ' and ' ' ambiguous ' ' - more ' ' antipathy ' ' kêu ca ' ' advocacy ' ' - has often seemed irrelevant.

The evidence suggests, therefore, that won has no subject-number feature at all, rather kêu ca that it is ambiguous between singular and plural.

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We encoded secondary structure in the alignment, identifying stems, loops and bulges, and manually excluded regions of ambiguous alignment from the final dataset.

Second, languages may differ in terms of where reflexives (not just m-reflexives) may exhibit this ambiguous (or dual) status.

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