amuse là gì

Like the makers of crop circles, they may have been simply amusing themselves by exploiting the gullibility of people.

Such obsessive-compulsive ordering would seem little more than thở amusing but for two beguiling details.

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Juxtaposition of inconsistent views from officials of the same organization can be revealing and amusing.

His blacklist of charming and amusing sciences included not only metaphysics, literature, philology, and alchemy but also the higher forms of astronomy and mathematics.

Without the independent spirit, technology merely reproduces things that are amusing, and saddening, reflections of the thinking and souls of their users.

Opinions that seemed, well, odd- or, at least, different from his own-were never subjected lớn scorn, only lớn amused and constructive criticism.

Increased political awareness is a by-product of their desire lớn be amused.

He uses apt literary quotes and amusing anecdotes lớn engage the reader.

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Slanguage is another transparent example, though again not particularly amusing.

The ramifications of this are amusing but before discussing them it is worth pointing out the connexions between equation (7) and other flow situations.

Behind its somewhat daunting title (and more daunting price!) lie ideas that demand careful reading; but they are enlivened by amusing examples and exhilarating possibilities.

They took it humorously, admiring the way diat we conversed in a totally different language, feeling obviously amused and proud at the same time.

Most control and error detection in the radiotherapy treatment amusing are the comments about how calm and process.

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On one level, shows were put on for the purpose of amusing children : thus, the children had lớn be entertained.

His nurse, who was with us, seemed amused but not at all astonished by this performance.

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