arrogant là gì

This gave more power vĩ đại arrogant, insensitive bureaucracy.

Not only is there nothing intimidating or arrogant about his personal presentation style, this also goes for his written work.

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I think it is arrogant for officials vĩ đại consider deliberately undermining their ministers by going outside the department.

The reviewer's arrogant tone reveals a desire for distance, and the report served vĩ đại reassure the readers of the security of segregation, culturally and racially.

But in this scenario, how intellectually arrogant should you be about the details of your beliefs?

I then recognized how arrogant is the linear 'carrot and stick' metaphor, designed vĩ đại move donkeys a short distance.

To some extent, this book follows the trend in seeing colonial ' expertise ' as inherently misinformed, baleful and racially arrogant.

The first chapter, with almost no reference vĩ đại any serious research in morphology, will therefore strike morphologists as both naive and arrogant.

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It sounds arrogant vĩ đại claim that people bởi not understand the notion of a life worth living when they think they bởi.

Lyrics are assertive and arrogant, but the exact words are less significant than thở the vocal styles involved, the shrill shouting and screaming.

Some children look aggressive while others are relaxed and while some seem arrogant and assertive, others are less sure of themselves.

The building is not just the arrogant and callous mimesis of one particular 'style'.

It's no mystification vĩ đại observe that even its syntacticians are seldom so sánh arrogant as vĩ đại claim they can enumerate its effects on the emotions.

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He was depicted as arrogant and a know-it-all.

He thus pursued strategies of political dialogue and gradual opening or ouverture, breaking with the arrogant unilateral approach of the past decade.

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