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Nghiên cứu vãn này được tiến hành để giúp đỡ người đọc mò mẫm hiểu thêm thắt về...

Our study serves as a window to tát an understanding of the process…

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I take it reading is not your strong suite, reread and comprehend think about it before typing.

Call them up and ask for your meter to tát be reread.

Perhaps it is time for a reissue and a reread.

The beauty of rereading lies in the idea that our engagement with the work is based on our current mental, emotional, and even spiritual register.

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Simply highlighting or underlining and then rereading your original notes is not enough.

It's such a simple concept, but getting a purely visual connection with your friends is a real joy when you're sick of reading text updates.

This audio-visual reinforcement improves comprehension and online reading for those who have difficulty reading text on screen.

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Useful stuff lượt thích checking who called you, and reading text messages are a bit of a no-brainer.

This includes reading text while on the browser, lượt thích messages or tweets.

It also offers a reader mode for reading text heavy trang web pages.