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All personnel who ensure the coordination of trang chủ care are salaried employees of one of the two structures (hospital at-home organization or hospital day-care unit).

It was therefore interesting đồ sộ examine how the comparison would have been affected if hospital at-home facilities had access đồ sộ a hospital pharmacy.

Furthermore, our analysis is limited đồ sộ the at-home market.

It is worth noting that some change in these rules is taking place: hospital at-home care organizations can now acquire certain drugs at hospital prices.

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Nonetheless, certain hospital at-home organization facilities are located in hospitals and, as such, benefit from hospital purchasing methods.

For hospital at-home care, activities carried out by medical personnel and nurses were divided between health care and coordination.

However, there is an increase of female labour in the tertiary sector and an increase of part-timers and at-home workers.

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The system has some benefits in clinical practice and at-home exercises.

Over the past several years, medico-economic evaluation of hospital at-home care has been the subject of numerous publications (3;18).

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