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Amazon started as a bookstore, and taking care of authors is at the heart of our company. We’re committed vĩ đại supporting independent authors by helping them find readers and grow their revenues with services lượt thích Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP enables authors vĩ đại self-publish and distribute their books vĩ đại millions of readers around the world, and earn up vĩ đại 70% of every sale in royalties.

An author sits at a table and signs his book in a bookstore, surrounded by shelves of other book titles.
A man stands in a covered walkway near a wall of glass. He looks away from the photographer, as the photo catches his profile.

“Just write a bad book and learn from it”

How 50 pages written in downtime from military service led vĩ đại a series of popular books.

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