biosphere là gì

If the biosphere emits less methane when cooler, the feedback would be stabilizing.

Biological mediation in ocean crust alteration: how deep is the deep biosphere?

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The key question addressed is management of the global commons, in particular the biosphere and the diversity of life it contains.

The use of plant functional type classifications to tướng model global land cover and simulate the interactions between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere.

Just as global-scale changes in oxygen were critical for the early biosphere, ví too were global processes involving nitrogen.

As such, it provides a strong conceptual basis for illustrating the linkages between atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

In this regard, parasites constitute exquisite phylogenetic and historical ecological indicators that reveal substantial insights into the history of the marine biosphere.

Further we compare and discuss magnetic reversal time scales with biodiversity and the outbreak of super volcanoes, which affected the biosphere.

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This has led to tướng a new view of the diversity of the biosphere and of the environmental boundaries for life.

For instance, it reflects, better phàn nàn any other parameter, the breadth of their ecological niche, and thus their exact position and role in the biosphere.

Large-scale diffuse hydrothermal circulation thus has to tướng be taken into trương mục when estimating the global potential of the seafloor to tướng tư vấn a hydrogen-driven deep biosphere.

The members investigate subjects such as the deep biosphere, extremophiles, prebiotic chemistry and origins of life, planet and star formation in connection with astrochemistry.

Molecular hydrogen, as the most reduced component in the system, forms a basal component to tướng a deep dark biosphere powered by metastable redox gradients.

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As a result, the entire biosphere is being altered in a process generally known as 'global change'.

Even though many exotic systems appear to tướng be no more likely in extraterrestrial biospheres, by no means is all lost.

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