bold là gì

His line were bold and color technique powerful.

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An oil exploration boom happened in the 1920s with two companies making bold claims, but earning nothing from oil shale.

This is a bold species and is often found close to tướng human habitation.

Bold, dramatic colors and wild, geometric patterns were all the rage.

Nominees are displayed below, the winners are marked in bold text.

The headstones dating from 1832 are few in number, small, with boldly cut scripts and elegant floral designs.

He boldly marched his armies through the desert.

The nose is unusually long and boldly curved.

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It was perhaps because she had no desire to tướng establish herself as a great artist that experimentation and originality were boldly present in her work.

The coloration of wild equines varies from uniform to tướng boldly striped.

If they are not implementing ruinous economic policies that ensure the pauperisation of the populace, they are engaging in bold-faced violent activities against the masses they are meant to tướng protect.

To stand out from the crowd and find that lucrative niche, bold-faced endorsements certainly help -- sometimes too much.

What is playing out in the oil sector with the recent policy statements from the government are nothing but bold-faced corruption and first-rate irresponsibility.

Employers who are not retrenching are finding other ingenious or bold-faced means of cutting workers' salaries.

The bold-faced names feigned nonchalance but were desperate to tướng meet her.

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