boundary là gì

Identifying the exact boundaries of the larger elements is a part, but only one part, of that task.

The boundaries mark off words - usually in groups of two vĩ đại five - that can be synthesized as a phrase.

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All text is in upper case and punctuation, even at sentence boundaries, is rarely used.

Syntactic information is not only relevant for the distribution of pitch accents, but also for the placement of phrase boundaries within an utterance.

In this way, the effect of co-articulation at the word boundaries was minimised.

We can, however, infer four rules (or regular expressions) vĩ đại identify syllable boundaries.

The challenge then is vĩ đại infer unknown syllable boundaries in such a way as vĩ đại profit from this potential.

When boundaries are pushed, new awakenings in the self can be located.

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How does the group create and maintain this discontinuity, these boundaries ?

Just as interactions among the people of the basin area have always constituted complex patterns that transcended national boundaries, sánh has the pattern of conflict.

The point is that social context theory extends the concept of religious contexts beyond the institutional boundaries of churches and other places of worship.

As we have seen above, the temperature u(x, t) is well-defined in the stationary case and depends continuously on the crystal boundaries.

Surely this would not be the case if knowledge creation were a simple matter of pushing back the boundaries of the unknown.

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Furthermore, it has a simple syllable structure and clear syllable boundaries.

A related issue concerns where the boundaries for emotional states should be phối.

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