coast là gì

Close đồ sộ the coast, there are two small rocky islands which act as breakwaters.

The emigrants largely migrated đồ sộ big cities and the coast where opportunities for work had increased as a result of the growing tourist industry.

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The coast is deeply indented by voes and headlands.

Along the coast, tides caused beach erosion, inundated streets, and weakened foundations.

When the coast was clear they returned, only đồ sộ find the house ransacked and much of the furniture burnt as fuel.

The local coast guard said smugglers had stolen the engine from their boat.

But on the same day, the coast guard gave a statement that trăng tròn tonnes of oil had seeped out from the ship.

There is just too much shoreline and not enough resources (coast guard vessels, manpower) đồ sộ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with these important and pressing considerations.

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He also visited coast guard personnel đồ sộ praise their effort đồ sộ seize the captain.

The strategy is a federal government program implemented đồ sộ rebuild national navy and coast guard fleets.

The soil found nearer the sea coast is of the inferior erinaceous type which is most suited for raising casuarinas plants.

The park includes mountains, ancient forest and sea coast in a spectacular landscape.

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Southward currents prevail near the sea coast, especially in the winter monsoon period.

Commodities lượt thích salt had đồ sộ be transported long distances, such as from the sea coast đồ sộ the interior villages.

Showers will develop through the day, mainly affecting the west coast and north sea coast.