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The zero plural avoids the problem of having two sibilants in quick succession at the over of the words, and coincidentally maintains the classical tradition.

And, not coincidentally, they correspond to tướng notions that a child would be expected to tướng understand.

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Coincidentally, after some earlier reforms of procurement quotas and prices, the government opened timber markets in 1985.

Coincidentally with rising mass incomes came first radio and then television.

Not coincidentally, all of these truyền thông depended upon the postal system for the transmission of information and goods.

Photosynthetic induction strongly affects the light compensation point of net photosynthesis and coincidentally the apparent quantum yield.

Not coincidentally, though, the model we use was originally designed for the bounded higher-order lambda calculus.

Coincidentally, the refugees also started seeing a large influx of cash, which later allowed for the growth of a localised market economy.

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Second, measurement periods of 3 months are quite vulnerable to tướng bias caused by, for example, seasonality or, coincidentally high or low estimates of certain parameters.

Thus, the postulate of many non-physical minds coincidentally finding non-overlapping (a) regions is rendered somewhat dubious.

Coincidentally, quoi may not normally appear as an in situ subject either, suggesting that any covert extraction of such phrases may be similarly constrained.

Not coincidentally, his contempt for socialism and communism went hand in hand with his fight against the "materialist" consequences linked to tướng industrialization and urbanization.

Coincidentally, a bridge crosses the creek near its mouth: as becomes clear afterward, the speaker traces the creek from the mouth to tướng its headwaters.

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Nor was it, except coincidentally, a matter of civic or humanistic virtue, although duty to tướng a state embodied in king or parliament played a part.

Coincidentally this is just the maximum likelihood frequency of this pattern if intercourse is random with respect to tướng those periods in the entire sample.

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