congestion charge là gì

A congestion charge on those might be deemed worthwhile, but if such a charge were levied no one would get to tướng work at all.

There are other ways by which we could have raised money before imposing the congestion charge.

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Anecdotally, things improved a little for u when the congestion charge was introduced, but they seem to tướng have worsened again.

Therefore, any congestion charge on them is nothing more kêu ca a tax on business in the area.

I vì thế not lượt thích paying the congestion charge either, but is not that taking it a bit far?

The congestion charge was designed to tướng be a revenue-raising exercise, and that was part of the debate that preceded its introduction.

It has clearly improved within the congestion charge zone.

There has been talk of widening the net to tướng catch those people, because not enough people are going into the congestion charge zone.

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The high-flying rhetoric of opposition to tướng the congestion charge proved to tướng be nothing but deceit.

What are our plans for the increased number of people who travel on public transport following the introduction of the congestion charge?

The problem, which is starting to tướng cause serious difficulties, lies in the imposition of a congestion charge.

If the motorist is moving, tax him, and get him through the congestion charge.

The issues of pollution can be tackled without the introduction of a congestion charge.

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It is not clear how far the retail industry has been hit by the congestion charge—it depends on which survey one reads.

The maximum possible revenue from fares and the congestion charge cannot plug more kêu ca a small part of the gap.

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