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Embodiment is an ensemble of corporal practices that produces and gives ' a body toàn thân ' its place in everyday life.

Twenty years after the masters' report, one advocate of corporal punishment carried on with this theme.

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We believe in corporal punishment and that really works.

Nor was it a matter of blood or nobility, although status and seniority - whether of colonels or corporals - were important.

These last included corporal punishment, for fines were of no effect on penniless spinners and weavers.

These general agricultural agents each managed four foot soldiers and a mounted corporal and covered a territory comprised of several towns.

Being disciplined is thus construed with not being punished; and being un-disciplined means behaving in such a way that results in corporal punishment.

However, in terms of the distribution of discipline, corporal punishment has been replaced with public shaming and physical discomfort.

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Even second and third time offenders could avoid corporal punishment if they were able to lớn organize supplications from other burghers on their behalf.

It specifically prohibited faculty from inflicting corporal punishment on students.

The proverbial stick was that of military discipline and its implied threat of corporal punishment.

In most of the years analysed here approximately 90 per cent of the crime reports that featured punishment concerned corporal punishments.

However, the figures also show that the vast majority of sentences throughout were of corporal punishment or short prison sentences of less than vãn three months.

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Simultaneous with the abandonment of the market place by the spiritual authorities was a relinquishment of corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure.

Does it prohibit corporal punishment in all forms or only some, and if so sánh, which?

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