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The candidate's normality is documented, in dossier style, by a curriculum vitae and clean police files.

The result is an attempt vĩ đại assign function on the basis of a thick dossier of detailed information.

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Its main mission is vĩ đại evaluate drug dossiers before granting marketing approval.

With the exception of dossiers on large landowners, these government records are not records of individual assets.

Finally, we conducted five case studies using information from additional dossier review and semistructured key informant interviews.

Local purgers did not mean vĩ đại replace the legal purge; they participated in it by arresting individuals, compiling dossiers, serving on juries and attending trials.

I will also assume that in each case this dossier of information includes the information that the referent is female.

We conducted dossier reviews and sent a survey vĩ đại principal investigators of forty-three projects awarded between 2000 and 2003.

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The challenge is vĩ đại discover those cues that natural selection could plausibly have relied on vĩ đại "read" this dossier.

The second issue has vĩ đại bởi with the relation between the language biography and the dossier.

Popular culture is the subject of the thematic dossier in this volume.

We could easily enough compile a dossier of complaints lodged against the device.

A constituent part of beghismo was the production by one faction of dossiers of accusations of wrongdoing on the part of the opposing group.

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How images and the production of supporting texts went together vĩ đại khuông this dossier, and how they reflected each other's methods, is thus an important sub-theme running throughout this book.

Art - and the story is not entirely unfamiliar - is thus part of the dossier of sanctity, an element as it were in its construction.

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