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Combining treatment with effective prevention efforts could reduce the resource needs for treatment dramatically in the long term.

After day 16, this ratio declines dramatically over the next few days.

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There are no insurmountable textual inconsistencies, and it is linked thematically to tát the tales around it, while its teller clearly fits the frame tale dramatically.

Within a short time, the number of cases of crop theft dramatically rose in his court.

The patient's attitude to tát you and other people around him can change dramatically because of his stroke or head injury.

Tubing diameter may also dramatically impact the total volume and cells required per experiment.

Other sources of error, however, can be dramatically reduced through the use of appropriate designs.

In each case, these oxidants caused significant apoptosis and cell death which was dramatically reduced by the addition of dietary antioxidants.

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The early diagnosis of ovarian cancer has the potential to tát dramatically reduce the mortality associated with this disease.

Though the policy of according preference to tát foreigners has been retained, its application has changed dramatically.

Parenthetically, the khuông in which the data may be held can affect dramatically the scale of the problem faced.

The area classed as in hand in 1770 was just over 860 acres but in 1774 this rose dramatically to tát 1,425 acres.

During the previous century, trade had increased dramatically as new products - sugar, tobacco and cốt tông - not produced in the importing region became international staples.

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By 1929, because of the tin tưởng industry's reduced labour force, the demand it generated for consumer goods had fallen off dramatically.

Less phàn nàn a decade later, the situation has changed dramatically.

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