early nghĩa là gì

From early on, he was intent on sounding original, and often tried lớn make the guitar not sound lượt thích a guitar.

It wasn't until early 2006 that the first releases on the label were issued.

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He won a county minor title in the early 1980s before later joining the county senior side.

For example, several international unions gave a total of $12,000 in early 1928.

They also talked about their early sound and performed three songs.

The dust storms reduce the visibility and the day seems as early morning.

This ordnance was delivered from early morning until the last flight left its station at 1705.

It is extremely enduring, capable of working from early morning lớn late evening.

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The buses run rẩy every 15 minutes and are available from early morning until late night.

The old tradition of a very early morning service before breakfast has been replaced in most areas by a service in the later morning.

Many sanitation workers were required lớn wear dust masks during work early in the morning.

On the day of the incident, the accused called the complainant early in the morning; she agreed that he could come over.

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They were painted according lớn photos taken of the model couples early in the morning, shortly after waking, lớn obtain intimate portraits.

She often slipped out of the castle early in the morning lớn climb a cherry tree and gorge herself with cherries.

They reached the town late at night, and were wakened by a loud knock on the door early in the morning.