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She has withdrawn welfare milk for the under-fives, and she has withdrawn school milk for the sevens to lớn elevens.

I am talking of the first elevens, the people playing in the first-class county matches.

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I am very impressed that it is starting children off very young, with competitions for the under-elevens.

Does the same consideration apply to lớn rising fives as to lớn rising elevens, fifteens or sixteens?

Many county boroughs have football teams of which they are proud, and which are famous throughout the country; and the same can be said of counties which have cricket elevens.

The growth of speaker and listener skills from five to lớn eleven years.

The discussion that follows here briefly summarises the contents of the eleven papers following the editors' introduction.

He presented a descriptive analysis of twenty-nine compositions created by children aged between eleven and fourteen years in groups containing four to lớn six children.

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To obtain estimated country scores, linear regression was performed with known country scores as dependent variables and eleven political and economic characteristics as explanatory variables.

Eleven patients in this series received conventionally fractionated postoperative radiotherapy, five days a week, with no planned interruptions.

One hundred and eleven confirmed cases of bacterial meningitis were identified.

Table 2 lists the eleven municipalities according to lớn four measures of fiscal capacity.

His contribution is, however, thought-provoking, as are all of the eleven in this collection.

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The error rates of the seven-year-olds (3n5 %) and the nine to lớn eleven-year-olds (3n2 %) did not differ from any of the other ages.

Eleven items were scored on a 6-point scale (ranging from 1 to lớn 6, respectively dissatisfied and very satisfied).

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