espionage là gì

In this paper, the effectiveness of espionage law in deterring the misappropriation of ideas in the process of being developed is the main policy instrument.

Today this fear has no substance, in that military satellites are better platforms of espionage than thở the decks of civilian vessels passing through these waters.

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There is an atmosphere of suspicion and espionage.

This article is a response lớn an trương mục of a communist espionage circle which appeared in this journal in 2003.

Fear of espionage and collisions of interests were the driving forces behind this vigilance.

These were an efficient external espionage service4 and the internal activities of the state security organs.

It is quite impossible lớn run rẩy a counterespionage organisation of this kind without performing acts which are lớn all intents and purposes espionage.

Although ever hắn state makes espionage against itself a crime, ever hắn state also practices it toward other, even friendly states.

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This can be interpreted as a drastically reduced size of a more articulated microfoundation of the espionage activity.

If population grows too slowly, there will be no steady state equilibrium espionage activity in this economy.

To watch espionage, sabotage, and hostile action by groups.

They are preoccupied with issues of security and threat, trust and distrust, espionage, loyalty, and pretense.

It was suddenly and simultaneously a trauma memoir, mystery novel, espionage thriller, confessional, legal brief, episodic history, cautionary tale, and work of fantasy.

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Joseph, risen lớn a position of authority, accuses his brothers of espionage and threatens them with imprisonment and death.

Hence, the presence of espionage in the already discovered sectors overwhelms neither horizontal nor vertical creative activities.

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