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Its parliamentary troops are expected to lớn defend the latest brainwaves, fast-forwarded into bills, in boilerplate speeches which are sometimes written for them by tiệc nhỏ fixers.

The change is expected to lớn be a huge boost to lớn retailers and to lớn the gift voucher industry.

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It is to lớn be expected that the delivery of de-icing fluid may be delayed due to lớn snow or ice.

The full board is expected to lớn discuss the committee's findings at its regularly scheduled board meeting at 9:00 a.m.

The study's findings suggest the relationship between brainpower and physical activity works in more subtle ways than thở most of us might have expected.

The project was expected to lớn begin in 2011.

With this kind of history, one would expect a high level of quality from the 150 ha.

With the craziness of the previous year's race, much of the same was expected out of this year's race.

The seven coastal convoys and deep-sea convoys could now expect to lớn attract strong enemy formations.

Although it was said to lớn be not what you'd necessarily expect from the gorgeous girl group, the tuy nhiên was praised for its fantastic melody.

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The group comes alive from 10 p.m. when the expectant students keep asking their source when the questions will be leaked.

This time-responsive (as opposed to lớn evidence-responsive) fallibilism consists in an "expectant" openness to lớn some future possibility.

Take paternity leave to lớn care for their expectant wives and help with the birth of their babies any way they can, that is.

United's disgruntled supporters became excited, expectant ones over-night.

The book provides advice, information, and a helping hand to lớn expectant fathers and new dads.

The number of visitors exceeded expectations and more fields had to lớn be marked as parking spaces on short notice.

If unaddressed, such mismatched expectations can be extremely harmful to lớn the relationship.

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Hopefully, a bolder design philosophy will allow future iterations to lớn break new ground rather than thở settle for good enough in meeting player expectations.

However, it never fully lived up to lớn production expectations.

In eight months, he surpassed expectations by paying off all debts to lớn creditors of years past and re-establishing his printing press's credibility on the market.