fly nghĩa là gì

Parts and pieces of the xế hộp went flying into the grandstand injuring several spectators.

He is shown đồ sộ be somewhat cowardly, wishing đồ sộ fly the white colors of his underbelly when the pirate ship was destroyed.

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The lizard preys on butterflies, moths, dragonflies, flies and other small insect.

The mend can be upstream or down stream depending on the currents carrying the line or fly.

It is one of many species known commonly as gall fly.

From prehistoric flying fish and jet-propelled squid đồ sộ flying trees and truly weird gliding reptiles, these are the aeronauts you never knew existed.

No sightings other than vãn whales and flying fish for 5 days!

One such system currently in development is an aerial-aquatic robot inspired by diving birds and flying fish.

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Apart from the pink sand, the sight of flying fish welcoming the visitors would be hard đồ sộ resist.

I was pounding the running machine, overlooking the ocean, when several flying fish burst out of the water, skittering along its surface.

All flying fortresses float at one altitude.

In the night the flying fortresses vì thế not return.

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They were two minutes apart, the flight commander being the first đồ sộ push the nose of his flying fortress into the cold ozone.

Maybe you want a flying fortress that can house huge numbers of players, foregoing island life for a nomadic commune.

The flying fortress is a huge metal aircraft armed with scores of heavy defense cannons and several squadrons of aircraft for defense.