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The development of vocal communication prevents manual gestures from developing into a full-fledged sign language, as happens in deaf communities.

This is exactly why, in order đồ sộ become a full-fledged finite clause, it needs a grounding predication đồ sộ combine with.

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A full-fledged annual zero-base budgeting procedure is not a feasible alternative, but recurrent attempts đồ sộ reconsider policies should be made.

Under these conditions, full-fledged dreaming is practically impossible.

In this period the colonial state committed its full-fledged tư vấn đồ sộ the owners of capital on issues concerning conflicts between labour and capital.

And this is the fundamental difference between a mere secret and a full-fledged revelational mystery.

Signed languages were only recently recognized as full-fledged languages as complex as spoken languages.

The other extreme is đồ sộ use full-fledged speech synthesis.

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As shown previously, a full-fledged insurance contract involves large-scale transfers between contracting parties at maturity.

Few if any legal theories deny that customar nó norms have the status of full-fledged laws when invoked as such by judges.

They affect costs and the choice of outcomes, but not the potential outcomes as a full-fledged general equilibrium or social interaction analysis would bởi.

This would typically be too early for a full-fledged maize harvest.

The second half of the sentence is a full-fledged clause at some underlying level of representation.

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Roughly half of those using optimization mentioned that they perform full-fledged multi-stage stochastic optimization.

In particular, both the projection of full-fledged representations and the production of object clitics (in non-canonical positions) increase computational complexity.

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