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The study estimates resource partitioning between impala, kudu, giraffe and elephant.

This implies that a stressed monosyllable lượt thích cát is developmentally equivalent vĩ đại a disyllable lượt thích tiger but different from a cát or giraffe.

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The creation of this reserve along with the development of some ecotourism necessitated this study of spatial behaviour of the giraffe population.

We quantified florivory and subsequent fruit mix in the presence and absence of giraffes.

Below the elephants is a giraffe with a typically exaggerated neck.

Therefore, giraffes, human communities and domestic cattle move at the same time according vĩ đại environmental constraints.

Given that giraffes were leaf-eaters and given that there was variation in neck length, we could predict selection for longer necks.

The overlap was lowest when giraffe was paired with impala.

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We considered as a non-resident, a giraffe observed in two successive locations distant by 50 km or more.

All other giraffes, except an adult male and a young male, spent at least a part of the study period in this zone.

In fact, when trochaic words lượt thích tiger and iambs lượt thích giraffe are spoken in isolation, they correspond exactly vĩ đại disyllabic and monosyllabic tones.

In total, 63 sightings of giraffe feeding were recorded (28 adult males, đôi mươi adult females and 15 juveniles or subadults).

For example, a child who said both "big giraffe" and "big caterpillar" was credited with two adjective- noun strings.

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Take, for example, the hypothesis about giraffes' necks.

In fact, during the period of this study, giraffes consumed almost every inflorescence within reach.

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