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Using this medium, we originally planned đồ sộ provide a sound treatment of side-effects that would be more effective kêu ca systematic residualization.

In summary, we have demonstrated that brimonidine is effective in protecting against ischemic retinal injury and in preserving retinal function.

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The study suggests that retigabin is an effective adjunctive therapy and reduces the frequency of partial onset seizures.

The restriction of fingerprint collection đồ sộ people already suspected of a crime reinforced the tendency đồ sộ rely upon punishment rather kêu ca effective state investigation.

Their system emphasises clean separation between programme parts that allow effective validation and parts that involve assertions (represented as types).

Trainees reported having đồ sộ work hard đồ sộ promote the role and đồ sộ build effective working relationships with colleagues.

The effective number of parties increased significantly and minority governments without stable tư vấn in parliament became the standard type of government.

Twentythree second elections resulted in a lower effective number of parties, while only seven second elections resulted in a higher effective number of parties.

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Here, we introduce r, the radius of the cloud diffusion area of tunneled nucleon wave, estimated from effective period of laser pulse of 10 fs.

Therefore, the effective size of the receptive field is expected đồ sộ differ for hyperpolarizing and depolarizing photoresponses.

The prevailing dynamic of tiệc nhỏ clientelism has remained untouched, limiting the prospects for effective, far-reaching reform.

Evidence of enhanced effective hot electron temperatures in ultraintense laser-solid interactions due đồ sộ reflexing.

First, modafinil may simply not be effective for negative symptoms in schizophrenia.

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A synthesis procedure should be both effective and efficient.

A third weakness in presentation is that information is sometimes given diffusely instead of in one section or chapter, thereby reducing effective communication of ideas.

Các ý kiến của những ví dụ ko thể hiện tại ý kiến của những chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hoặc của những căn nhà cho phép.