historical là gì

He also wrote several historical, grammatical, and other treatises.

Some of these warnings are based on historical observations in epilepsy patients taking topiramate.

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Historical installations, such as hand operated points, water cranes and rail fastened with hand hammered rail spikes, are characteristic features of heritage lines.

His writing is very descriptive and in many works he manages to tát involve his characters with actual historical events while meeting real people.

There are many different types, ranging from historical handmade mechanical instruments to tát high-precision electronic devices.

The over result is a historical novel that succeeds in giving voice to tát the voiceless.

He has written several newspaper columns and articles and is currently working on his first fictional historical novel.

It reads lượt thích a historical novel that happens to tát be about the very recent past.

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Strip away the history in any historical novel and judge what is left.

His dazzling new book is, on the surface, a wonderfully realized historical novel, and may perhaps remedy his relative obscurity.

Why would he skip such a historic event?

They were keeping shtum while the historic sự kiện was gaining momentum.

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A wonderful testament to tát the community was that there was so sánh much talent willing to tát participate in this historic sự kiện.

This historic sự kiện was fallout of the untimely death of his father.

To prepare you for such an important historic sự kiện, let u detail for you what this total debacle would look lượt thích.