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A post-mortem examination established that the hounds had died of nicotine poisoning and that the stomach of one contained pigeon remains.

There is much alarmist rhetoric from those who want đồ sộ retain hunting with hounds, but as each new study emerges, the arguments are knocked away.

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I have made no specific assessment of the impact of a ban on hunting with hounds.

However, the committee added that the question of hunting with hounds should not be considered in isolation.

The first is that it purports đồ sộ abolish hunting with hounds and yet it provides for the continued use of hounds.

While it remains a legal activity, hunting with hounds is permitted on the defence estate.

We shall put down his name đồ sộ take hounds into his home page.

What they want more than thở anything else is đồ sộ live in peace and not đồ sộ be hounded.

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Where we see hunts where the fox is torn away out of the hole and thrown đồ sộ the hounds, we have đồ sộ be very concerned.

Hunting with hounds is not governed by a licensing system.

At the kết thúc of the 19th century even trains used đồ sộ stop đồ sộ allow hounds đồ sộ cross the railway line.

Obviously, if he does that the hounds will "mark", as it is called, around the hole.

Let them not lập cập with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

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The surplus over that required by the hounds was dealt with by the hunt servants.

My hounds have, unfortunately, discovered that one, ví we cannot dispose of things there.

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