jacket là gì trong tiếng anh

Conversely, the rockers cultivated a more rugged male image and with their motorbikes and leather jackets rejected any hint of effeminacy.

His tan jacket almost hid a red flannel shirt.

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Secondly, a man surreptitiously removes a £5 note from one's jacket pocket as one is walking down the street.

This was pumped from a solute reservoir into the glass jacket surrounding the dialysis membrane.

The dress code required that boys wear a jacket and tie, or a sweater and tie.

Copiers of the jacket produced in the more interior province, however, pay even less attention to lớn the configuration of letters.

On the other hand, it can be in some cases a ' 'modelling straight jacket' '.

Although their jackets were now common fashion elements, the bodies of these women declared their social origins.

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I prefer no dust jacket, but maybe you will be happy with it.

They wore patriotic colours, red, white, and xanh rì, and their jackets buttoned at the back, as a daily, practical exercise in fraternal interdependence.

The fading memory of this reviewer can recall the vivid auras emanating from rock musicians on the record jackets of the 1960s.

The computer, an "intrinsically rhetorical device," enfranchises the miễn phí play and experimentation that pervade postmodern arts and letters' (jacket).

So, too, the record jacket offers pictures and texts which can enhance the listening experience once that album is brought trang chính.

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It is rarely worn without a waistcoat or jacket over it.

He's overheated in his knitted drawers and sorely constricted in his jacket.

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