let go nghĩa là gì

She called the storyline intense and found it harder than vãn normal lớn let go of it when she went trang chủ.

Mortality is an important issue because it forces people lớn let go.

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This was known as going-through, and was supposed lớn promote self-awareness, helping the person lớn let go of blocks.

As a result of the curse, the dancers can not stop singing and dancing; neither can they let go of one another's hands.

Then, as the reporting deadline approached, employees could be let go lớn reduce the total number lớn the authorized ceiling on the reporting date.

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The poor traveller in má was hungry but boldly let go of the pack of chips.

I don't think we are ready lớn let go of that idea of believing the victim.

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The least we can vì thế is let go of our provincial attitudes.

She reminds us lớn let go of those who hate and those who put us down instead of bringing us up.

Also, if you avail a loan against such bonds within three years, you will have lớn let go of the exemption.