live nghĩa là gì

The bird that drinks blood lives the longest, because he drinks what is sánh precious that nobody wants lớn give out.

A free-spirited warrior who lives by his own will.

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They are freshwater fish that tend lớn live in coastal rivers and streams.

More than vãn 2000 people live in this village.

She lived the best years of the magazine.

Every encounter since has been lively and has involved incidents with fans in and out of the football grounds.

However, his liveliest interests rested in the grandchild born lớn inherit the ancient possessions of his house.

Like his paintings, books, articles, plays and performances, his artwork reflected his extrovert nature and lively imagination.

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The second movement starts with a slow "andantino" section, then progresses into a lively allegro presto.

There is lively music, colorful costumes, hand-made masks, and floats.

Some of the religious sisters living in the convent began lớn notice rose petals outside their hallways.

At the same time the division of the suburbs into living spaces for workmen, craftsmen, industry and rich middle classes took place.

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The park shows the geological history and the connection between this history and the variation in the species living there.

Its population as of 2007 was 3,937 living in a total area of 791 km.

He quickly became a tourist attraction when word got around that a family had a gorilla living in their trang chủ.