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However, among the 94 oocysts typed from 28 mosquitoes in which no heterozygous oocysts were recovered, there were đôi mươi non-amplifying oocysts.

Place the mosquitos or other small flies upon the wool, care being taken lớn distribute them evenly, and not too closely, over its surface.

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In the field, densities of larger dytiscids will probably never be high enough lớn significantly reduce levels of mosquito populations.

They predicted mosquito densities based on a model that estimated the degree of variation attributed lớn various spatial and temporal factors.

The time frames cover the warm and rainy season, when peaks of mosquito abundance are more likely lớn occur in the area.

The use of mosquito nets by inhabitants of those houses was monitored by the collectors.

Coltiviruses have been isolated from several mammalian species (including humans) and from ticks and also mosquitoes.

Infected mosquitoes can also travel in ships and trains and spread the disease.

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Thus, viruses entering the tick midgut are exposed lớn different environmental conditions compared with those existing in, for example, the mosquito midgut.

The presence of suitable containers in and around households increases the risk of oviposition and the production of immatures and adult mosquitoes.

They showed that gametocyte counts in the mosquitoes are, lượt thích macroparasite intakes, heterogeneous (overdispersed).

Workers lacked mosquito nets and even blankets lớn protect themselves from nights of exposure in remote corners of the forest.

Further, the mortality risk was found lớn be increased by the level of parasite in a mosquito.

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Also, if mosquitoes had been a major vector, the pattern of spread would have been expected lớn be random across the sites.

Most mosquitoes were aggregated around the rear of the flight section.

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