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Moving toward the crease is the dis of game-winning goal puck.

In addition, race-restrictive covenants prevented their moving vĩ đại other areas.

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His reply was that he had been observing his shadow and thought it would be creepy if it began moving independently.

She added that clever, informative and moving, it is essentially a crash course in philosophy interwoven with a platonic love story.

Management includes movement, such as following the trainer, entering crates, or moving from pen vĩ đại pen, or tank-to-tank through gates.

Glacial striations (scratches) show that the ice moved from north-to-south, perpendicular vĩ đại the orientation of the lakebeds themselves.

As a child, he moved around the western states with his parents.

But the unemployment rate is high and the younger generation tend vĩ đại move vĩ đại big cities vĩ đại work in industry or in services.

The two moved in together, and remained together for the next ten years.

Vast quantities of rock and soil were scraped from the glacial centers vĩ đại its margins by slowly moving ice and redeposited as drift or till.

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The bones affected by the clearing will be moved vĩ đại a bone chamber.

The bones would then be moved vĩ đại a reburial location, still vĩ đại be determined.

The items submerged below the water line can only be moved by currents.

This area had vĩ đại be moved as it potentially would have limited the pit expansion.

It would be "nonsensical" vĩ đại remove the files before providers had a chance vĩ đại see whether those offices would be moved.

The difference is that a tile used as a sprite can move around, whereas a tile used as a background can not.

The first stage is known as a crawler and can move around while the other stages are sedentary.

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As the electrons move around energy levels, some energy is released as an electromagnetic wave at the same frequency but with a phase delay.

Both giant petrels have strong legs and can move around on land effectively.

His inner circle would help him move around through several isolated ranches in the mountainous area and avoid capture.