objection hearsay là gì

In addition, their reliability is doubtful since the newspaper admitted that they were based on hearsay.

Far-reaching consequences have been ascribed to lớn a policy decision that remains undocumented except for hearsay evidence in the popular conversation that surrounded the trials.

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Rather, the rumours of bloodsuckers indicate a flexible ' truth ' that is negotiated through talking, since hearsay is a kind of truth when people believe it.

This in turn means that the admissibility of hearsay for the government must be strictly limited (189).

Rather, they only "heard some news" - a hearsay experience.

Some of the testimony may simply have constituted hearsay or slander.

Data were elicited through production questionnaires in which the learners were instructed to lớn verbally convey hearsay information to lớn specified addressees.

Almost all the evidence that was gleaned was hearsay.

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The quotative particle serves to lớn quote reported speech and hearsay information.

The few particulars provided in this trương mục make it difficult to lớn gauge the blend of fact, fabrication and hearsay.

This trang web of communication is maintained through phone calls, letters, hearsay and rumour.

Most referred to lớn informal methods such as hearsay, or observed what had happened to lớn students in the year above them.

The cases of hearsay (or any other kinds of evidence) with perfectly reciprocal error risks must be few in number and very difficult to lớn identify.

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An example might be a hearsay prohibition that does not allow exceptions for hearsay from unavailable declarants.

They help us to lớn contextualize in vivid detail a life shrouded in hearsay, myth, and outright propaganda.

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