pacifier là gì

It is also commonly believed that using a pacifier will lead vĩ đại dental problems.

Some doctors are saying pacifiers are not necessarily harmful vĩ đại breastfeeding, which contradicts earlier beliefs.

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As the tuy nhiên almost goes, we need a pacifier.

Lots of discussion, tips, advice, suggestions and debunking -- of shampoos, baby bottles, canned foods, pacifiers, diapers.

For the baby accessory, see pacifier.

He greets his double as a brother, and tells him how he became dictator vĩ đại pacify his world.

If you can get either of them, you will be able vĩ đại pacify the empire.

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The colonial administrators proactively tried vĩ đại pacify and coopt the tribes, recruiting them vĩ đại capture escaped convicts.

There they pacified a formerly hostile thành phố through the development of professional local thành phố police.

She would produce tarot cards and pretend vĩ đại read his future vĩ đại pacify him and his bouts of violence, thus producing a temporary calming effect.

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We had hoped and continued vĩ đại hope that it would pacify the country but obviously you can always have extremists who behave in this way.

These programs vĩ đại pacify the country were controversial and unsuccessful, and the militias survived.

During his term, he achieved some success in pacifying the country and began the construction of railways.