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Basketball and track and field are the two sports most commonly associated with tearaway pants and windpants.

Due lớn the use of nylon in parachutes, the style of pants became known as parachute pants.

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He also has an obsession with different pants for different occasions, such as picnic pants and panic room pants.

They are distinguished by their traditional white guayabera shirts and white pants and hats; also the men wear a red bandana around their neck.

This pants design was abandoned from 1972 onwards for a more uniform, subdued beige.

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Their pants are usually simple Đen or white with traditional embroidering near their feet.

The original uniform design consisted of white pants, gold trim, and either purple or white jerseys.

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The transparent pants she is wearing are part of a harem costume.

The victim's pants and underwear were forcibly removed, state the documents.

She had an interesting pink and wine outfit with harem-like sheer pants with matching wine and pink wings.