philanthropist là gì

The age of the hospital expert had, however, begun, and the age of the amateur philanthropist-administrator was coming to lớn an over.

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His social and political power was partly dependent upon his position as a paternalist and philanthropist, a position he frequently used to lớn legitimize his candidatures.

Someday a philanthropist will start a centre of courting rooms.

The government welcomed contributions by wealthy individuals and philanthropists as these donations helped the efforts of stateorganised relief activities.

Thus, while individual members of the working class might make donations to lớn charity, they are not regarded as philanthropists.

Most schools in small towns have come to lớn be housed in residences donated to lớn the school committees by philanthropists.

Even had they been conscious of their ignorance, many philanthropists would not have been perturbed by it.

The philanthropist naturally loves his fellow man and is brimming with first-order desires to lớn help.

Politicians, entrepreneurs and philanthropists again proclaim aims and ideals and expect particular outcomes in reward for their sponsorship.

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They should become more specialized, scientific institutions, run rẩy by experts, not philanthropists.

As he does this, he is seen as a philanthropist who caters for the needs of the underprivileged.

Arguably too, the impetus of evangelical hope for women in all conditions of life gave these activists a potential advantage in raw motivation over other female humanitarian philanthropists.

Consider, hypothetically, a philanthropist and a misanthrope.

Teeling spoke too, declaring himself ' no humanitarian or philanthropist ', caring not how much of his own or his country's blood should be shed in the fight for freedom.

Doctors' interest in rare diseases or complicated presentations may have been contradictory to lớn philanthropists' objectives of high patient turnover, low mortality rates, and exclusion of marginal disease groups.

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