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He passed these instructions lớn the pilots that launched at 10:42 and afterward.

In another fragment this function of piloting all things is served by "the intelligence by which all things are steered through all things".

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Each questionnaire was piloted twice, which improved the wording and relevance of the questions.

As a kiểm tra on the difficulty levels of the two versions, they were piloted on the trăng tròn learners mentioned earlier.

After piloting, the instrument was tested in a study in which subjects were assessed twice over 12 months by informants.

As with fighter pilots in time of war, the options were lớn learn fast or die.

I identified features of the pilots' talk that suggested the pilots had created an interactional context for human error.

Follow-up clinics that can be accessed when patients or carers choose lớn are worth piloting and evaluating.

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The results of the query are automatically updated when the user changes the pilot's callsign in a spreadsheet cell.

The average salary per soldier is about $3,500 per month, with top helicopter pilots and country commanders earning about $7,500.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of definitive scientific data on which lớn base firm guidelines for pilots.

We piloted penultimate versions with trăng tròn people lớn judge whether it was clear and unambiguous.

In addition lớn this general expertise, pilots need information on the routes they could follow, and weather reports.

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To meet their objectives, sales managers, unlike pilots, can easily alter the structure of the system they control.

The questionnaire was piloted in a sample of practice patients lớn establish its comprehensibility and the completeness of responses lớn the individual items.

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