pineapple là gì

Cooperatives in the pineapple sector are in fact pseudo-cooperatives organised around large pineapple growers.

Almost 80% of the land cultivated in pineapple is leased, through fixed-rent or sharecropping contracts.

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After second stage, when all the pineapples are gone, you want to tướng plant again, you'll have problems.

The collapse of smallholder pineapple production might be the unfortunate way through which the issue is indirectly solved.

The three-syllable words were: celery, photograph, pineapple, radio, stadium, telescope, apartment, cathedral, foundation, horizon, umbrella, suspender, chandelier, engineer, gasoline, kangaroo, referee, violin.

In other words, economic interests (and therefore the pay-offs from evicting strangers) over pineapple production differ radically from those related to tướng cocoa production.

They also plant and maintain different crops (cassava, coffee, pineapple, plantain) and attend to tướng other duties to tướng complement their spouses' activities.

It so sánh happens that the soil is very suitable, and the fruit of good taste, everybody starts getting the pineapple from there.

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The heir also holds the short-term use right to tướng produce pineapple or food crops.

Re-compacting the peat or adopting new systems with intercrops (pineapple in this case) are considerations.

Whereas in our study area the eviction of the strangers would mainly mean the loss of the land rent income, and of the intermediation gains in the pineapple sector.

The aim is to tướng achieve totally bare soil, with moss cover that does not attract the pest, or planted with an unattractive intercrop such as pineapple.

Are we to tướng say that, to tướng arrive at the net drained weight, the pineapple is to tướng be weighed immediately the tin tưởng is emptied?

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The result was a disastrously unviable pineapple production.

I come now to tướng the question of peaches, pineapples and all the other costly commodities which appear in the cửa hàng windows today.

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