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The book is also powerful and compelling in its advocacy of quasi-markets.

But the word is at most a quasi-name, and is still a title as well.

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So, sameness of (quasi-) memories, software, or information-bearing pattern cannot suffice for sameness of person.

One should indeed regard this quasi-one- (two-) dimensional approach as a rather crude approximation.

Accordingly, it may be more accurate to lớn say that we carry out a "quasi" out-of-sample forecasting exercise.

The following proposition establishes that local indeterminacy requires a capital intensity reversal from the private input coefficients to lớn the quasi input coefficients.

This result is based on the quasi input coefficients from the social viewpoint which vì thế not have real economic meaning.

Using a quasi cover one can usually avoid quantification over powersets.

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Defining quasi-simple valuations as sups of directed families of simple valuations is important.

We must show that the square is a quasi-pullback.

Similarly, the class of systems that have a recurrent state is a quasi-covariety that is not a covariety.

The main point of this paper is to lớn give an equivalent characterisation of quasi-simple valuations, as in the following theorem.

The open diamonds will be used for whisper-like, quasi-pitched sounds.

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The shortcomings of the present paper primarily lie in two simplified assumptions: quasi-linear preference and the constancy of pollution emission rates.

This result is due to lớn the quasi-linear utility function.

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