rage là gì

The controversy still rages today, and remarkably similar general positions are still taken, depending on religious convictions, or indeed the lack of them.

However, it took him millennia to lớn return to lớn lucidity, which immediately turned to lớn rage and hatred.

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Soldiers use the rage resource, generated automatically during battle, to lớn use special attacks.

For a few year close to lớn 1880 a controversy raged round the composition and analysis of milk.

Fierce debates raged before the present residential college system emerged.

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The change is so sánh fundamental that arguments are still raging about what the impact will be.

In the course of the raging personal battle, he or she may have shouted for help as being attacked by a mysterious and unseen intruder.

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I had friends with bu, and we were just a raging mess.

Israel was forced to lớn appeal to lớn other countries to lớn send planes and material to lớn put out the raging blaze.

We've come back to lớn remind everyone what raging against the machine really means.