rationality là gì

Due to tướng the complexity of the drug design process, two terms of interest are still serendipity and bounded rationality.

Science, in the novel, plays the role of a calming constant, the last remnant of rationality in a world of chaos.

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As reality includes the unity of rationality and irrationality i.e. of necessity and freedom.

Recently established theories stress the relevance of "education" and "human capital" and within them of "cognitive ability" to tướng increasing tolerance, rationality, political literacy and participation.

The positivism school narrowed the range of international practice that might qualify as law, favouring rationality over morality and ethics.

Thus, in this case, the motivic zeta function is rational.

For example, rational numbers also sườn a field.

The language is simple and terse; it is rational rather than thở figurative.

I hope that these hearings are the beginning of a rational national conversation about those solutions.

It was noted for printing fantasy with a rational basis such as werewolf stories that included scientific explanations.

The rationalism of the day will sneer at this declaration; but the facts remain, and remain to tướng be explained.

He was committed to tướng rationalism and the ideal of a modern, progressive society.

Rationalism and empiricism based science was breaking its dependence on religion, seeking deeper understanding of nature and society.

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He also has interests encompassing literature, philosophy, scientific skepticism, freethinking and rationalism.

Rationalism should not be confused with rationality, nor with rationalization.

After giving his own rations to tướng his wife and children, he finds himself hungry.

Unfortunately, the monthly food rations represent the largest proportion of their household income.

Instant coffee was also used in reserve rations and trench rations.

All personnel on the island were ordered to tướng evacuate to tướng typhoon-proof shelters and emergency rations were prepared.

Disguised in women's clothing and a wig he sneaks some more rations.

They overpaid for the business and never rationalized it.

He equates deciding upon something with liking it, meaning that more often we cognize reasons to tướng rationalize a decision instead of deciding upon it.

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Rationalizing methods of interpretation that treat some myths as traditional accounts based upon historical events are a continuous feature of some modern readings of mythology.

When it is noticed, it is fully rationalized.

Covert, racially-biased decisions are often hidden or rationalized with an explanation that society is more willing to tướng accept.