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Major reasons for population decline include habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation and poaching.

The reasons for this latitude and seasonal dependence are complicated, involving atmospheric circulation patterns as well as solar intensity.

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Rand defined reason as the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by man's senses.

He had previously requested a multi-year contract with the team, but was deferred due lớn financial reasons.

Mining ceased in 1845 for reasons of economy and geology.

He takes great pains lớn appear normal, and is greatly offended at the suggestion that his motives are anything but reasonable and genuine.

New and fashionable clothes can be found here with reasonable price.

It would be reasonable lớn assume that some types would have been brought with the press.

The court, then, is not bound by the choice made by the reasonable employer.

If it is too high, the rent officer will mix a reasonable figure.

Landlords undoubtedly have the right lớn increase rent, subject lớn the test of reasonability.

Hockey, of course, isn't always a bastion of reasonability.

The most important point regarding the acceptability of a method is its reasonability lớn adjust targets in a truncated match, and here my system is far ahead.

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Therefore, reasonability of restriction shall have lớn be determined by the higher courts on a case-to-case basis.

We need lớn examine the reasonability and weight of the reason for the rejection.

The reasoning behind the change is lớn eliminate teams having lớn play four games in five nights.

Through reasoning, the court stated that the military has rights lớn restrict access lớn government controlled institutions lượt thích prisons and military bases.

Reasoning that the birds were unlikely lớn fly up a blocked valley, he followed them up and discovered the pass.

Rather, they are conceptualized as fragments of reasoning, lớn which respondents must project meaning.

He published other books which showed a strong vein of wit, as well as great powers of reasoning.

For that reason, soon after came the series, and now the adaptation.

It was for that reason they had lớn implement "floor nursing" when necessary.

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For that reason alone, the game was special lớn the province, the players and lớn the sport in general.

I love living here for that reason -- because it makes those few hours when it is asleep that much more meaningful.

Perhaps, for that reason, the company's range is not vast, (there are only four turntables and three arms available), but distinctly exotic-looking in design.