roster là gì

The remaining roster slots must belong vĩ đại domestic players.

He hoped vĩ đại survive roster cuts as the team went from 70 men vĩ đại a 38-man roster.

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Only handguns on the official handgun roster may be sold in the state.

The roster featured many of his friends from the music world.

In its fledgling year, the society membership grew vĩ đại 29 and in its second year the roster of 52 could be typed on one page.

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This ensures train managers are entitled vĩ đại expect a good work-life balance in terms of unsocial hours and duty rosters.

It also raised the issue of improper implementation of duty rosters.

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Hospital staff has also been instructed vĩ đại prepare emergency duty rosters, emergency situation crises management plans, stock up on lifesaving drugs, vaccines, disposables, bio-medical equipment, machines and ensure standby generators.

My department has large staff vacancies that mean we can't even fill our duty rosters.

The official said that they were now analysing the duty rosters vĩ đại see the staff which was posted when these incidents were reported.