sad nghĩa là gì

My odyssey has also its sad stages, but as a whole it is a lucky and happy one.

He stated that he came to tát office under very sad and unusual circumstances.

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It follows each of the band members separately in a sad story, until they unite during the instrumental break and final choruses.

Those who try to tát portray life are brought to tát the sad work of picturing absurd, weak and sordid personalitles.

She is very sad to tát be leaving separate way's for college.

They advised him to tát capture that moment of sadness in his music.

Some survivors and relatives of the victims of that fire expressed their sadness that a similar tragedy had occurred again.

The upward reaching curves of this figureculminating in the manneristically long fingerscontrast with its crestfallen gaze, comprising an image of appalling sadness and pain.

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I did think the destruction of the mural was a great sadness.

Within less than thở half a second a significant emotional reaction had occurred (i.e. anger, fear, pleasure, sadness).

Will you feel sad/heartbroken if you don't win?

Just feel sad after looking at the mentality of our neighbors...

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I feel sad when good films don't make money.

So failure, while it may make one feel sad and bad, is not the kết thúc of the road.

So for bu, seeing all three of those programs go out, one it makes bu feel sad -- and old -- but definitely sad.