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In this passage, weolocread has been deemed appropriate for both scarlet and purple or, possibly, crimson.

A trans-acting regulatory gen that inversely affects the expression of the white, brown and scarlet loci.

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Under a Đen xanh rớt sun, the twig turns scarlet, separating itself from trunk.

Whoever we would brand with the scarlet letter, it is on every breast, including our own.

The scarlet would pass away from his lips, and the gold steal from his hair.

Two related genes, scarlet and brown, were significantly affected as well in early pupae.

This sign is similar to lớn that seen in scarlet fever.

Deaths from ' contagious diseases of childhood ' lượt thích measles and scarlet fever show a spring incidence.

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Jalland focuses on two case studies of families violently struck by scarlet fever.

War, famine, epidemics of typhus, cholera and scarlet fever, atrocities committed on every side, all combined to lớn render families prostrate, in both cities and countryside.

The first statistical compilation based on these revised inventories related to lớn 1866 and focused on just six diseases : smallpox, scarlet fever, measles, typhus, angina diphtheria, and cholera.

Prendick's fussy scientific vocabulary cannot disguise the implication that life in general is an inhuman(e) affair "scarlet" with blood and, because inseparable from non-life, of no definitive status.

Bede may have wondered why only imported, (supposedly) whelk-dyed fabrics were scarlet, but it would be easy to lớn assume a wider range from an exotic whelk.

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Brighter still are the crimson and carmine, both of which, before the invention of synthetic dye, were obtained from the dried toàn thân of the scarlet grain insect, al-qirmiz.

Within a week of the explosion the regiment ordered new instruments and scarlet uniforms.

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