style tiếng anh là gì

He changes his fashion style, his hairstyle, and his attitude.

The hall is 33 x 23 metres in size, and features a traditional architectural style, with a gabled and hipped roof.

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His grotesque and subversive style was a precursor of surrealism.

The shorts were done in a super deformed style.

The frequency or occasion depends on the style of trousers, the style of underwear, and the way they are worn.

The self-styled devastating mouthpiece, he combines a distinctive drawl with fierce interjections using multi-track recording.

But it was rather the self-styled guardians who seemed poised for a coup.

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Regrettably, some self-styled patient advocates in the truyền thông apparently aren't interested in issues lượt thích this.

Some have called the tiệc nhỏ and its leader a hard-line or self-styled populist.

What century is this self-styled social person living in.

Instead, it is usually determined by the purpose, style of handwriting, turbis, and/or the language being written.

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The line through the middle is useful to tát clearly differentiate the character from the number one, as these can appear similar when written in certain styles of handwriting.

All of the students appeared to tát be enjoying the opportunity to tát work on a style of handwriting that is increasingly becoming less common in schools.

It tries to tát emulate a mathematician's style of handwriting mathematical entities on a blackboard, which is upright rather kêu ca italic.