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We can characterize these explanations as being rooted in…

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This place is a shithole!

Chỗ này / Quán này như cứt!

Against this background, the central question that motivates this paper is: ...

Xoay xung quanh chủ thể này, yếu tố trọng tâm của bài xích phân tích là:...

(buổi) sáng/ban sáng/ban ngày

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This overlapping region is reinforced with silica girdle bands, and constitutes a natural expansion joint.

This problem is also known as the fragmentation problem in the context of.

This is going đồ sộ be a tough one đồ sộ get over.

The right and left ideals of this size, generated by one element, are principal ideals.

This area is used as a gift cửa hàng.

A large and basic engine lượt thích this can create great stresses from the torque engendered.

The argument above shows that whenever the decoder receives a code not in its dictionary, the situation must look lượt thích this.

I didn't necessarily plan the album đồ sộ sound lượt thích this, but it was so sánh easy đồ sộ write đồ sộ, she said.

We shoulda known stuff lượt thích this was coming.

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Doing a play lượt thích this leaves the days miễn phí đồ sộ work on music.

Left trang chính a bit after 5.30 this morning and it was a beautiful time đồ sộ walk.

I don't lượt thích the way and the things you are saying đồ sộ mạ this morning.

He was hit in the knee, and we visited him this morning.

So share this story if this was you this morning!

We did put our rates up this morning, though...

Many ideas of historians were corrected this way.

This way, even simple chain tools can press the pin back into place.

How exactly he got this way was never explained in the series.

A matrix which transforms in this way is one kind of what is called a tensor.

This personified wind has the power đồ sộ keep things this way through his influence with other winds that had caused the valley's unique fertility.

Nobody wants đồ sộ see their family members go through this.

One thing it does lose through this, however, is that quality of enmeshing a player with the concepts it's describing.

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The boundary line is literally just a spool of concertina wire across what one assumes was originally a road through this village.

Our son has been our rock through this.

However, the 88-year old patient refused đồ sộ go through this procedure.