tiger là gì

Although tigers are not seen in this area, other types of wildlife bởi flourish in this region.

It gets its name from the carvings of tiger heads on the mouth of a cave which forms a part of the complex.

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Below the tigers head is a squatting man with arms raised above his shoulders, his head inside the jaw of the tiger.

He has a ring that can control jinn and his animal vĩ đại Hotline is the tiger.

The tiger grabbed her left arm and pulled it through a 4-inch square hole.

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Instead, we need vĩ đại remind our elected officials that their rhetoric is a paper tiger, which does not fool us, nor does it address the structural reality.

It will no more be a paper tiger.

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The socalled northern youths is itself an aberration, a mere paper tiger.

It should not be a paper tiger.

But for many, including several of the women executives themselves, the new legislation has sánh far proved something of a "paper tiger".