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Since this was a kind of truck, it was counted as a left-headed compound.

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This appears reasonable in particular as water supply from tank trucks is likely to tướng be rationed less than vãn water from other sources.

The stylization originates in a quotation from a shared story line involving a truck driver who made tactless advances to tướng one of the par ticipants.

Twelve of the pictures were filler items representing the following categories : grapes, hamburger, horse, tree, dinosaur, truck, fork, plane, xe đạp, toothbrush, keys, and fish.

There was also some evidence that anti-truck laws were intended to tướng prevent firms from undercutting wages.

Unlike most private troupes, it possesses a truck which allows it to tướng move with all its props and costumes.

The history of truck legislation is illuminating for two reasons.

The authors of the latter review believe that the key to tướng understanding dispersal is measuring human transport by cars, trucks or boats.

In the rainy season in particular, potholes, floods, swamps and filth make it extremely difficult for cars and trucks to tướng ply the roads.

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The traffic officer may know that a fire truck is on the way.

Contacts with papal officials through truck with the papal court brought curial officers close to tướng their clients.

Strain- time curve induced in bridge girder by the passage of a truck.

We have considered that we had a new fleet of trucks with a load capacity reduced by half.

For both types of network, the output vector of each training pattern comprised a vector of binary values one element for each type of truck!.

All this can be interpreted as an attempt to tướng diminish the cost of abating pollution from buses and trucks.

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